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Welcome to the NSC Academy

The vision of the National Sports & Physical Activity Convention 2022 (NSC22) is to provide opportunities for the industry to have access to insights, greater knowledge and research that supports them in their roles and vision for the future.

We aim to bring you global insights and interviews with global thought leaders, policy makers, providers and influencers. Together we are committed to making a difference in activating the community, providing more options for people to be active, to play, recreate and participate in community sport.

The NSC Academy is free of charge to all NSC22 delegates, speakers, collaborators, sponsors and exhibitors. Collectively with our collaborators and partners who have generously shared their content and insights, we thank you. If you have thoughts on how we can improve the experience or feedback share more insights, please contact us.

How to use this resource

We have categorised the hundreds of curated pieces of content into the Academy Library under nine key Categories, with sub-categories (tags) you can narrow your search by. You will be able to save your favourite resources onto your own personal ‘My Resources’ list for future reference.

There are video and audio interviews, presentations, research papers and articles, along with the 2020 NSC Forums recordings from both Melbourne and Sydney and the NSC presentations from 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Each month we are planning to share more content and will send you a note to let you know when we have updated the NSC Academy. This will include interviews with key speakers and global thought leaders, current trends, whitepapers, national best practice and standards. This means, the earlier you fully register, the quicker you can have access to all this additional knowledge sharing this year.

We hope you enjoy our ever-growing library of content.

Sports Management & Integrity

The management and governance of sport to achieve its goals with integrity and in a sustainable manner.

Sports & Recreation Facilities

The planning, design and funding for facilities to be sustainable and fit for purpose.

Sports Technology

Embracing technology to optimise performance, enhance systems, improve efficiency and highlight/decision making.

Leisure & Recreation Management

Management of facilities, programs and resources to enhance usage and/or community outcomes.

Participation & Inclusion

Targeting the whole community so that all groups have equal access and opportunities to participate in sport, recreation and leisure.


Facilities, places and programs to activate children and youth.

Physical Activity

Activation of the community to enhance their health and quality of life.

Active Cities & Environments

Design, activate and access to spaces and places that change people’s daily lives.


Embracing the United Nation’s sustainability development goals at a local level emphasizing social, environmental and economic sustainability that will benefit future generations.

Australia’s Leading Knowledge Sharing and Networking Event

This year’s NSC has the support of and has been developed with over 40 industry bodies for sport, recreation, play, education, and government following the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen a significant recalibrating our industry and how we think, plan and execute our planning and delivery to the community.

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