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The National Sports Convention has been developed by its Industry Collaborators with the support from Smart Connection Consultancy and Interpoint Events.

Smart Connection Consultancy has over the past decade established itself as one of the leading advisors and advocates for the use or synthetic surfaces to encourage more people to play, recreate and be involved in sport.

Its Managing Director, Martin Sheppard has been involved in the planning, development, management of parks, playgrounds, sport and leisure facilities, both in Europe and Australia. He has spoken both nationally and internationally, published books, written many articles and assisted over 200 Councils, sports and schools in Australia and New Zealand understand the benefits of sport, recreation and the use of sports facilities to improve people’s health, development of the community and economic benefits to an area.

As part of the NSC Founding Team, Martin believes that the Convention is unique in the Asia Pacific Rim in promoting a One Stop Shop for everything to do with encouraging more people to play, recreate and participate in sport.

It is an opportunity not the be missed by sports clubs, community facilities, education, play, local government or the commercial sector, there will be something for everyone.


Interpoint Events was launched in 2004 and delivers the final piece of a 360 degree marketing concept for Intermedia.

Interpoint specialises in exhibitions & conferences and organises events in diverse markets such as pools & spas, cleaning, supply chain & logistics, corporate health, assistive technologies and hotel management.

Interpoint also holds events for a number of different industry bodies including the Green Building Council of Australia, Cleaning Council of New Zealand and the Assistive Technologies Suppliers Association.

In 2011 Interpoint was awarded winner of the Best Australian Show by the Exhibition & Event Association of Australasia.

Interpoint organises events in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA. As a Founding Partner Interpoint are committed to ensuring the delegate experience is excellent in every way.