Program Overview

NSC Conference
Thursday 20th and Friday 21st July

The focus of the Conference will be on how to grow participation by encouraging more people to be physically active, to play, recreate and participate in community sport. It will also focus on the surfaces and facilities needed to cope with growing demand and how best to support community clubs and organisations to achieve growth.


National Football Conference
Thursday 20th and Friday 21st July

The inaugural National Football Conference has been developed with the Australian Football family, with a key focus on growing grass roots football and what facilities and support is needed to promote growth and ensure sustainability of the sport. With global, Asia Pacific and Australian key speakers together with the FFA, Victoria University and Australian Football Federations this will be ‘the’ football conference to attend in 2017.


Community Sport Think Tank
Wednesday 19th July

Bringing together the key influencers, policy makers, funders, providers and peak bodies to gain agreement on the priorities to encourage, secure and retain another two million Australians to participate in community sport and recreation.


Sports Turf Tour
Wednesday 19th July

As the community continues to grow many local sports, local governments and education suppliers need more space to play sport.  The Sports Surfaces Tour explores the latest technology, designs and thinking around how to increase carrying capacity of natural, hybrid, synthetic sports turf and other hard sport surfaces.


Innovative Leisure Facilities Tour
Wednesday 19th July

The provision of community aquatic, leisure and sports centres continues to evolve and attract the broadest community, with centres embracing holistic health services and their designs. Working with Victoria’s leading peak body for community aquatic and leisure centres this Tour will visit some of the latest facilities and listen to the leading architects and thinkers on where facilities will be going over the next 20+ years.


High Performance Centres of Excellence Tour
Wednesday 19th July

As professional sport continues to enhance its capability to embrace the latest technology and integrate it into their facilities for its own athletes, what does this mean for accessibility for the community and what can be learnt. This Tour aims at show-casing some unique designs, technology and thinking on what some key sports are designing and which aspects could be transferrable for community facilities.


Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards
Thursday 20th July

Recognising and celebrating how innovation in the sport, recreation and play sectors are encouraging more of the community to be active against seven categories.  Presentation of the Sport, Recreation and Play Industry Innovation Awards will be on Thursday 20th July 5.30pm – 7pm as part of the Tuff Turf Industry Networking Evening in the Expo area.


Sport and Recreation Expo
Thursday 20th July – Friday 21st July

With over 50 of the industry leading suppliers exhibiting at the NSC Sport and Recreation Expo with solutions on how they can support the industry, encourage and retain participants in being more active in play, recreation and community sport.


Collaborator Networking
The National Sports Convention is committed to providing prime networking opportunities both formal and informal over the three days in person as well as links to participants, collaborators, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers before and post the NSC.