The National Sports Convention

Developed by the industry for the industry

To grow sports participation as an industry we need to change not only the way we look at sport, but how we collaborate, plan, develop and deliver programs to activate people, through a more innovative approach. The National Sports Convention 2017 will have an underlying theme around collaboration and will encourage the industry to reflect on how it can work together to promote innovation to:

  • Plan and assess needs collectively – to achieve a collaborative agenda from a holistic perspective, including health, crime prevention, educational improvement and economic and community development through increased participation;
  • Target key community groups – to encourage greater participation in community sport;
  • Collaborative innovation – to promote and develop innovative offerings to achieve greater impacts;
  • Facility design and development – to drive sustainable solutions to cope with and grow participation; and
  • Innovative technology – invest in innovative technology that encourages more organisations to connect with the community and provide technological solutions that activate individuals to self-motivate their involvement


Convention Program

The National Sports Convention includes:

Our Industry Collaborators and Sponsors are committed to making the conference affordable, accessible, and develop the NSC into Australia’s leading community sport and recreation convention and expo.


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Introduction to the 2016 Conference

2016 Wrap Up