During the Covid pandemic, many peak bodies from sport, recreation, and the facilities sectors collectively started collaborating, resulting in the establishment of many alliances. The NSC has brought these organisations together to identify and discuss their priorities for the sector from a Policy /Strategy Lens, a Program or Events Lens and for a Facility/Environmental Lens.

During this session each of the representatives will be asked to identify their key priorities for each lens and then the collective priorities will be discussed.

The Alliances that will be represented include:

  • The National Sports Collective (The NSO Agenda)
  • Australian Mass Participation Sporting Events Alliance (AMPSEA) (Mass Participation Events Agenda)
  • Allied Health Professionals Australia (The Health Agenda)
  • Active Australia Alliance (Community Leisure Agenda)
  • Aquatic & Recreation Network Australia (Aquatic and Recreation Agenda)
  • Australian Society for Physical Activity (Research and Insights Agenda)
  • Community Sport Australia (State Sports Agenda)
  • Australian Sporting Alliance for People with Disability (Sport Inclusion Agenda)

This NSC session and discussion will result in an agreed white paper to set priorities for the future.

For more information on the program visit www.nationalsportsconvention.com.au/program.

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