The National Sports & Physical Activity Convention (NSC) Expo on 27 – 28 June 2024 is set to revolutionise the Australian sports and recreation industry, offering a groundbreaking experience for the first time ever. This year’s Expo will feature products in a fully immersive and experiential manner, providing industry suppliers with the unique opportunity to showcase their products in real-life settings. Among the highlights are a full-sized Padel Court and Pickleball Court, unprecedented in Australian sports and recreation expos.

Immersive Product Displays: An Australian First

For the first time in Australia, the Sports & Recreation Expo at the NSC will include a full-sized Laykold Padel Court spanning over 285 square metres, where attendees can actively participate in games. Visitors will have the chance to experience the fast-growing sport of padel through live demonstrations and expert lessons from Australia’s former #1 ranked player, Matty Thomas. This hands-on experience allows attendees to learn the rules, watch matches, engage with installation and product experts, and even compete with colleagues.

Additionally, the Expo will feature a full-sized ICP Group Pickleball Court covering over 135 square metres. Attendees can dive into dynamic sessions to learn the game’s rules, explore partnership opportunities for court construction, and witness thrilling match exhibitions by top players from the National Pickleball League.

The Largest Sports & Recreation Expo in APAC

The Sports & Recreation Expo at the NSC is recognised as the largest event of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region, boasting over 70 exhibitors across 4,500 square metres. These exhibitors will present the latest products, services, and technology for the entire sports ecosystem, including sports management, participation and inclusion, sports facilities, sports grounds and surfaces, councils, active cities planning, aquatic and leisure management, schools, and play.

The Expo aims to connect industry professionals with leading suppliers, creating an unparalleled networking opportunity with over 2,000 attendees expected. With fully integrated networking areas and events, new international products this Expo is a must-attend for industry professionals, sports clubs, councils and anyone involved in sports and recreation looking to improve their sport, recreation, or leisure organisation.

Nine Dynamic Activation Areas

Attendees can prepare for an array of immersive and exhilarating experiences at the free-to-attend NSC Sports & Recreation Expo! Engage with nine dynamic activation areas designed to ignite the excitement of sports and recreation:

Padel Court: Experience the thrill of padel on the full-sized Laykold Padel Court with live demonstrations and expert lessons.

ICP Group Pickleball Court: Discover the excitement at the California Sports Surfaces Pickleball Court with dynamic sessions and thrilling match exhibitions.

Golf Australia Simulator: Powered by Full Swing KIT and Big Swing Golf, experience iconic courses and friendly competition.

Teqball: Challenge yourself with Hart Sport’s ‘TEQ One’ curved table, blending soccer finesse with table tennis precision.

Outdoor Fitness: Explore KOMPAN’s cutting-edge gym equipment designed for maximum effectiveness.

Training Equipment: Test your skills with Net World Sports’ FORZA range in an interactive and fun activation area.

Table Tennis: Face off against an advanced robotic arm with Table Tennis Victoria, perfect for all skill levels.

Parkrun: Start your Day-2 with Parkrun Asia Pacific’s ‘pop-up Parkrun’ at 7 am on Friday, June 28, outside the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

From Canvas to Court: The Pongo has teamed up with renowned mural artists Jack & Josh to transform an innovative, commercial-grade outdoor Pongo Canvas table. Visit the stand on Day-1 to watch the live painting of the Ping Pong table and return on Day-2 to play on this stunning piece of functional art – a fusion of creativity and sport.

Has there ever been a better networking, product experience and fun opportunity for the Sports and recreation industry?

Registration is still open so don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to dive into the latest trends and innovations in the sports and recreation industry. Register today to play, laugh, and explore what the Expo at NSC has to offer. Experience the excitement of new sports, connect with industry experts, and discover how to elevate your organisation to new heights. To see all the latest equipment, products and services click here.

Editor’s Notes

The National Sports & Physical Activity Convention (NSC) has grown since 2016 as APAC’s largest and most prominent community sport and recreation convention and expo. In 2023 had overwhelming support and participation from the largest ever gathering of the sports and physical activity ecosystem with over 1,550 attendees and a sold-out Expo of 80+ of the latest products, services and innovations. The organisers work with its 47 collaborators to curate a program with international and Australian experts, providing the most comprehensive program on community sport recreation and sports facilities in Australia.  

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