With an exciting and compelling expanded program for NSC22, delegates will gain access to more keynote sessions and after the event can even watch ‘on-demand’ through the NSC Academy platform.

NSC22 will open on Monday 11th July with the NSC Oration exploring what our next generation of leaders want the industry to be like in 10 years’ time.  One of Australia’s most decorated athletes will provide a compelling vision of why we need to change for the industry to be successful ready for Brisbane 2032.

The challenge will then be debated by key industry leaders who will unpack the Orator’s vision and explore how we could achieve the aspirations provided by our young athletes.

Global/CEO Thought Leader Sessions will also explore:

  • Sustainability and Climate Change Impact on Sport and Sports Opportunity to Impact on Climate Change – What Can We Change for Brisbane 2032
  • The Move Away from Win at All Costs to Valuing Integrity, Good Governance and Culture
  • How Do We Activate the Community to be More Interested In Sport and Active Recreation Ready for 2032
  • A Blueprint for the Next Decade – Redefining and Leveraging Major Sporting Events to Benefit Community Participation

In addition, there are Five Big Issues Keynote Sessions this year, aligned with our industry sectors:

  1. The Participation Agenda – Who Should Be Connecting Exercise and Fitness with Play, Recreation & Community Sport
  2. Active Cities and Spaces to Generate an Active Nation Ready for Brisbane 2032
  3. The Importance of a Children and Young People’s Agenda
  4. Re-imagining Culture and Leadership in the Sports Industry
  5. Innovative Environments to Activate Community Sport and Recreation

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