Get ready to ride the wave of excitement as BrushBoarding, the surfing-inspired fitness attraction, makes its official debut at the National Sports & Physical Activity Convention (NSC23) on July 27th and 28th. BrushBoarding promises an innovative and dynamic addition to the world of sport, fitness, and active entertainment.

Experience the thrill as participants ride a specially designed board over a surface of brushes to create a safe, physically challenging, and fun-filled activity. With benefits ranging from improved balance and coordination to enhanced core strength and fitness, BrushBoarding offers a holistic approach to physical fitness.

Australian-manufactured Brush Ramps are ready to be installed in government and private facilities that focus on fun and active entertainment. With many patented safety features, this fully interactive activity caters to all ages and abilities.

BrushBoarding boasts nearly 100% rider satisfaction and personal achievement. Its popularity extends beyond physical benefits, as this surfing-inspired entertainment has garnered tens of millions of viral views online, raising brand awareness for its partners and networks driving participation.

There’s no better place to launch BrushBoarding than at NSC23, hosted at the prestigious Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The NSC23 Expo will showcase 65 exhibitors, presenting the latest technology, products, and services in the sports and recreation industry. This provides a unique platform to introduce active sporting-inspired products like BrushBoarding to a wide audience.

Now, you have the opportunity to be a part of the excitement. Turnkey BrushBoarding ramps of various sizes are now available and come complete with, staff training, safety operating procedures, maintance schedules and 24-hour support. Australian based BrushBoarding Int. Pty Ltd also has exclusive brand partnerships and event hire options available.

We invite you to join us at The National Sports & Physical Activity Convention on July 27th and 28th, where you can ride the BrushBoarding wave of innovation and help us inspire our communities to get on board for better physical and mental health.

Editor’s notes below:

BrushBoarding International Pty Ltd Australia (BBI) is dedicated to the Global growth of its unique, surfing inspired, fitness and sports related attraction called BrushBoarding™ BBI is focused on creating a network so that the activity can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people of all ages and abilities. BrushBoarding™ creates safe, fun, memorable experiences while encouraging a healthier lifestyle through the participation in the associated sport. BBI intends to share this positive sense of achievement with as many people as possible globally as the product and associated sport advances over the coming decades.

For more information about BrushBoarding please contact:
Kyle Dent – Founder, Director (inventor of BrushBoarding)
+61 (0)457 406940

For more information on the National Sports & Environment Conference 2023 please visit: or contact:
Anthony Reed – General Manager – Events
0438 927 589

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