For us to make an impact on the community, the globe is exploring alternative approaches to the planning, design and management of community sport and leisure facilities. This year’s NSC is proud to have worked with the International Association of Sport and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) to bring ANZ with global insights, including:

Michael Roma, Managing Partner, RC Strategies
Emerging Trends in Community Leisure Facility Design in Canada – Connecting Facilities to Community

Oliver Vanges, Development Specialist, The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities
Old Sports Halls – New Opportunities by Re-energising Old Buildings for Modern Use

Stefan Studer, Kannewischer Management AG (Switzerland)
Global Innovations and Design Trends in Future Proofing Older Facilities

Prof. Dr Takanori Fukuoka, President, IAKS Japan; and Board Member, IAKS International
Japanese Design Thinking Influencing Generational Planning for Community and Places

Steven Ward, Chief Transformation Officer, Go-Fit Ingesport
Customer Driven Strategy Influences Design for the World’s Busiest and Most Successful Centres in Spain

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