The narrative about the Environmental Footprint that many community groups are concerned about, we are featuring an expert panel to explore what this means with the circular economy.  Three expert speakers will provide an understanding of a circular economy and what innovation is being embraced to make this a reality for synthetic fields.

  • The Circular Economy, Current Reality and Future Aspirations Lens; Ian Tittershill, Senior Vice-President International, GrassMaster Solutions
  • International Sports Federation Lens and Needs for Global and Community Sport; Alastair Cox, Facilities & Quality Programme Manager, International Hockey Federation (Switzerland)
  • System Design and Sustainability for Surfaces to Enhance Sports for the Future Lens; Paul Kamphuis, General Manager, Polytan Asia Pacific

With three of the globes’ key thinkers and investors in future technology, the issue of circular economy for synthetic football and hockey fields will be explored.

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