NSC Launches A Bold And Sustainable Agenda with an expensive program and array of Global Thought Leaders.

NSC Repositions to Embrace Physical Activity

The importance of Physical Activity during Covid was one of the 4 reasons to leave the house. Building on this momentum, the NSC explores how we can embrace the opportunity to encourage more people to play, recreate. participate in activities and programs that align with sport. A Bold Agenda is needed and this is explored in the 2021 conference program sessions.

Global Thought Leader Support for 2021

Global Thought Leaders from the UK. Spain. Canada. New Zealand and Australia this year will come together to explore global thinking and share their insights with our audience.

NSC Academy

Every fully registered delegate will receive access to the NSC Academy which will provide a plethora of video interviews, previous year’s NSC recordings and presentations as well as updated insights and trends.

NSC Oration

Australian leaders will come together to discuss the future of sport.

NSC Networking

There will be eight hours of networking opportunities at the NSC hosted within the Community Sport & Physical Activity Convention along with two networking evenings also.

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