What Can We Change for Brisbane 2032?

Sport is the glue that holds Australia together in joyous and also in uncertain times. Sport can impact the community economically, socially and environmentally both for us and our next generations.

Climate change will have a significant impact on sport and sport can impact on climate change and sustainability. How are global and national bodies embracing the challenge and what do we need to consider?

UN Climate Change invites sports organisations to join a new climate action for sport movement, aiming at supporting and guiding sports in achieving global climate change goals.

They can achieve this by taking responsibility for their climate footprint, which in turn will incentivise climate action beyond the sports sector, and therefore help global ambition step-up in the face of the threat posed by climate change.

Two globally recognised and Melbourne based speakers will share their takes on what needs to happen:

  • Greg Dingle Lecturer, Sport Management La Trobe University
  • Felice Iannazzo, Head of Risk and Resilience, Australian Grand Prix Corporation

For more info on our program, please visit nationalsportsconvention.com.au/program

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