Exploring the needs of young people and listening to today’s athletes will give us courage to be tomorrow’s leaders. Embracing generational change is a challenge to modern leaders and participants alike, so how can we learn from our future champions today so we can create a successful culture and environment and success for the next decade. What can we learn from other global approaches and what is the commitment of today’s leaders to change ready for the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Sarah Loh, Executive Manager, Future Healthy Group, VicHealth
  • Raelene Castle, Group Chief Executive, Sport NZ & High Performance Sport NZ
  • Marne Fechner, Chief Executive Officer, AusCycling
  • Jakara Anthony, Australian Gold Medallist, Moguls 2022 Beijing
  • Kotuku Ngawati, Olympian, Transitioning Australian Swimmer

For more information on the program visit www.nationalsportsconvention.com.au/program.

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