What’s the difference between an Urban Activity Area and a traditional sports facility? What are some of the innovations around the world that help keep communities active?

Maria Keinicke is an architect and futurist and works within the field of creating inviting, interesting activity areas for all user groups. Maria is co-founder of the Danish Architectural company KEINGART Space Activators.

This session will explore the environments our government and communities will need to develop and promote and the opportunities for young people to be active in different ways.

Prof. Alastair Cox, Technical Director, European Synthetic Turf Council (UK) has over 40 years’ experience in the testing and setting of standards for synthetic turf sports surfaces.

He believes the technology around surfaces provides the greatest generational opportunity to create these spaces and will explore how new surface technology for hockey surfaces is now growing opportunities for the next generation of multi-sports.

For more information on the program visit www.nationalsportsconvention.com.au/program.

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