The National Sports & Physical Activity Convention 2021 (NSC21) plays host to the Australian Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Awards which recognises individuals, not-for-profits, commercial, play, recreation and sport sectors, for their innovations to get more people active. These awards are:

  1. PROGRAMS, ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS – Innovative programs, activities and events that have been developed to encourage the community to be more active in large numbers.
  2. SPORTS SURFACES – Innovative solutions that allow greater intensity and durability of natural, hybrid, synthetic or hard sports surfaces that allow for greater usage.
  3. TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS AND PRODUCTS – Business to business or the business to consumer innovations that encourage more people to play sport or be active.
  4. PLAYGROUND DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT – Designs and developments that allow and encourage more children to play, have fun and be active.
  5. YOUNG INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR – A young person (under 25) who has developed a program, space, activity, technological solution or innovative partnership that is encouraging more people to be active.
  6. MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS INNOVATIONS – The packaging and communication of an opportunity in a manner that has innovatively encouraged more people to be active.
  7. FACILITY DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT – Innovative design and management that creates an environment where more people are active (built and natural environments).
  8. THE OVERALL SPORT, RECREATION AND PLAY INDUSTRY AWARD FOR INNOVATION – This award will provide the prize for the National Sports Convention Sport, Recreation and Play Innovation Award. The winner will be chosen from one of the above seven winners.

Each category will be independently assessed by a panel of industry experts. As part of the National Sports & Physical Activity Convention, the final three short-listed applicants will be invited to the industry networking event at the NSC21 where the Awards will be presented.

“The challenges of Covid-19 has only reiterated the fact we need to celebrate what our industry brings to our communities, providing them with environments to play, recreate and participate in community sport as well as programs, events and activities that makes our communities richer. It is important that we celebrate the hard work we do, that many communities take for granted. We are expecting strong submissions this year, that will celebrate planning, design and provision of opportunities.” – Co-Founder of the NSC, Martin Sheppard.

Submissions are now open and close COB Thursday 30th September – don’t miss out!

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